Waterproof Insert Bathroom Shower Wall Niches
  • Waterproof Insert Bathroom Shower Wall NichesWaterproof Insert Bathroom Shower Wall Niches

Waterproof Insert Bathroom Shower Wall Niches

The RunCheng waterproof insert bathroom shower wall niches are designed to provide a secure and watertight storage solution within shower walls. These niches are crafted to withstand the moisture-rich environment of a bathroom, ensuring the longevity of both the niche itself and the items stored within it.

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Product Description

Waterproof Construction:

These niches are specifically engineered with waterproof materials and designs to prevent water infiltration, protecting the structural integrity of the shower wall and preventing damage to the items stored inside.

Material Selection:

Common materials for waterproof shower wall niches include high-quality stainless steel, ceramic, or other waterproof materials that can resist moisture and humidity.

Seamless Integration:

The design of these niches often allows for seamless integration with the surrounding shower tiles or wall material, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Easy Installation:

Waterproof insert niches are typically designed for easy installation during the construction or renovation of the bathroom. They may come with detailed installation instructions for proper placement and sealing.

Dimensions and Sizes:

Available in various dimensions and sizes, these niches can accommodate different storage needs. Common sizes include standard dimensions suitable for holding shower essentials like shampoo, soap, and toiletries.

· NOTE -- Product dimensions is 24" X 12" X 4", interior dimensions is 23.23" X 11.22" X 4"


Detailed Photos

Color: Black

Size: 12” x 12”

Easy Installation: This premium Stainless Steel 304L Wall Niche is ready for hassle-free installation. Simply apply silicone adhesive sealant for in-wall installation on tile; no additional interior niche is required.

High-End Materials: Crafted from durable Stainless Steel 304L, these waterproof insert bathroom shower wall niches combine quality and a stunning design, ensuring customer satisfaction and an upscale appearance in bathrooms.

Elegant Design: The luxurious Stainless Steel 304L Wall Niche adds an elegant touch to your bathroom, offering organized storage for shampoo bottles, soaps, and toiletries while maintaining a high-end and modern aesthetic.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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