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What to do if the shower floor drain is blocked?


The most inevitable thing about the shower floor drain is that it will be blocked by hair, sundries and other things, which will lead to the phenomenon that the drainage of the floor drain is not smooth and smells. So what should we do if the floor drain is blocked in our life? Let’s find out together below.

First of all, to prevent this from happening, you can spread a small piece of silk stockings on the floor drain, so that the hair that falls during the bath can be collected on the stockings to avoid clogging.

Secondly, if the shower floor drain has a peculiar smell, it may be that the height of the water seal of the floor drain is not enough, so at this time, you can add a reverse water bend on the floor drain. If it is not used for a long time, it is better to cover it and seal it.

Finally, if the sewer is not smooth, it is necessary to clean the sewer. You can use the pipe dredger on the market to solve the problem.

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