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What kind of location is suitable for masonry niches?


It can be stored in the alcove, so the alcove is so practical, so how to build the alcove when we are decorating? What kind of location is suitable for masonry niches?

1. How to build a  wall niche?

1. Directly transform the wall to make a niche

If we are going to directly transform the wall niche on the basis of the original building wall, then we have to design the thickness of the niche according to the thickness of the wall. After the design is completed, we can cut out the hole for the niche, and this The size should be 100mm larger than the size of the finished alcove we reserved, so that if we plaster and tile later, it will not affect the space of the alcove

If we don’t know how to choose the size of the alcove, then we can decide according to the size of the tiles. The net size in the alcove hole should be an integer of the tile size, so as to ensure the aesthetics of the alcove after the tiles are pasted later. , and we must construct the whole brick to ensure the accuracy of the calculated size.

We can use 45-degree bumper corners around the alcove, so as to show the perfection of the alcove, but there is also a disadvantage in this way, that is, the tiles at the bumper corners are relatively thin, and the corners are easy to drop if you don’t pay attention.

2. Choose to make a wall niche next to the sewer pipe:

The space design of the bathroom in some houses is better, so when we are constructing, after wrapping the sewer pipe with red bricks, we can still have extra size. If we like the alcove, then we can be next to the sewer pipe A niche is built on the top, so that the overall effect is relatively complete, and it will not make the place where the water pipes are separately wrapped look too monotonous.

If there is a place between the sewer pipe in the home bathroom or between the wall and the wall, it will be more perfect. We can directly leave the place when wrapping the sewer pipe and directly build a niche.

The partition in the middle of the alcove can be made of ceramic tiles, glass, or wood. We can choose it completely according to our needs, but we must pay attention to the thickness of the alcove when building the alcove. Well, it should not be too thick or too thin, the best size is controlled between 150-200mm.

What are the more suitable positions for building alcoves in the bathroom?

Generally, it is in the sewer pipe and bathing area. If the location and size are allowed, it is a very good choice for us to design an alcove. In this way, it can not only store toiletries, but also if you want to make a shower room, there will be an extra alcove. The location is just right for finishing the shower room.

Next to the bathroom cabinet, if space permits, we can also consider making an alcove, so that cosmetics, etc. can be stored in the alcove, which is practical and has a relatively powerful storage function.

If the space behind the toilet allows, it is also the best place to design an alcove, so that we can put some flowers and plants on it to purify the air in the bathroom, and we can also put towels, paper towels, etc.

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