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The role of wall niches


Wall niches are the finishing touch in interior wall design, and they can be used to improve the beautification of both domestic and public environments. The alcove is a hole in the wall, with hidden lights on both sides of the hole, so that the decorations in the hole show a hazy feeling like a veil, and some lighting can also be made on the top of the hole to fully display the splendor of the furnishings. The alcove hole can be large or small, long or short, square or round, depending on the environment. The focus of alcove decoration is to create a feeling similar to a picture frame around the outer edge of the wall hole, and to set off the beauty of the void space in the hole through various frames in different forms, so as to show a kind of cultural fashion. Of course, you can also make a fuss on the wall in the cave, which will also produce a certain sense of novelty.

The exterior decoration materials of the alcove are very extensive, such as wood of different colors and textures, iron art, glass, copper, jade, fireproof boards of various colors, aluminum-plastic boards, etc. The cultural and aesthetic characteristics reflected in the artistic form of the alcove depend entirely on the mood expressed by its constituent symbols, such as the traditional Chinese brocade lattice, whose form is interspersed and transformed, which is very easy. The fragrance of literati; the natural characteristics of teak, pine, and even rubble, which use the natural color of wood, will also bring people back to rural life; No matter how you use it, you can't lose the artistic taste of European-style aristocratic cultural life; the frame decorated with various fireproof boards, aluminum-plastic boards, glass, white steel bars, etc., can't hide the young people's yearning for bright sunshine and real life Passionate.

The alcove design is originally from Buddhist altars and shrines. The alcove has the function of expanding the interior space, because the alcove recessed into the wall extends people's vision. The decorative effect of lighting in the alcove is very obvious. In jewelry stores, we will see that valuables are displayed in the alcove. But it is not allowed to drill holes in the wall in the buildings where people live now, and people who like alcove design can also solve it in other ways.

wall niches can be made through furniture design. At this time, the furniture can be designed as a large box first, and then some large and small holes can be designed on the facade, and the TV and speakers can be placed in the larger holes. Lights are placed in some small holes for crafts.

wall niches can also be made when furnishing, for example in the corner of a wall or on either side of a door. The alcove design is very different from the furnishing effect of the partition furniture. The partition furniture gives people a casual and functional feeling; while the alcove design gives people a solemn and furnishing feeling.

The lamps in the alcove should be installed with low color temperature lamps commonly known as "cold light lamps". This lamp has a transformer with a voltage of only 12V, and its service life is longer than that without a transformer. Glass, crystal, dried flowers and other handicrafts should be displayed in the alcove, and highly reflective products made of metal materials should not be placed.

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